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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant/Chat BOTs for your Business process automation

Smart conversational virtual assistants that can bring omni-channel contextual conversations to life for your customers.

Virtual assistants from Datalabscorp can be leveraged for accelerated deployments and capitalize business benefits. Automates & improves CX using AI/ML and helps to accelerate your digital transformations

  • Pretrained Domain-Specific Language models
  • Interactive learning & Hyper-personalized experiences based on user conversation history, preferences and business goals
  • Bot with a Brain (Parsing, Inference, Language Generation, Context, Memory, Learning)
  • Multi language support
  • Open bank Integration modules with KYC
  • Sign language
  • Teach context live (No Tech updates/No Model Rebuilds)
  • Self / Auto training
  • Contextual Suggestions based on ranking algorithm
  • No Code Chatbot platform.
  • Pre trained OCR modules for document classification & extraction
  • Enterprise standard Secured end to end message encryption & OAuth 2 Authentication, 256-bit AES encryption CDC, Security Key Rotation
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